Take a classical and East European influenced singer-songwriter with a flair for puns and limericks, pair her with an American folk and rock-n-roll influenced singer- songwriter who was educated by Mad Magazine, and you have the duo of... The duo have performed in numerous coffeehouses in the New York City Tri-State area including Clearwater Great Hudson River Revivals, Worldfest (CT) and The New Jersey Folk Festival (with their band Paprikash), as well as The Looking Glass Theatre and the Parlor in Manhattan. Karen & Rick have been broadcast live on WAMC Radio (NPR) on Jay Ungar and Molly Mason’s Dancing On The Air, as well as in concert with Pete Seeger and the crew of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Their CD “Chicken Fat Pudding and Other Delights” was spotlighted twice on WKZE’s Off The Beat -N-Track Radio Show. Whitman & Pantell have been dazzling audiences with their highly original, warm and powerful songs since 1995 with their lyrically rich and surprising melodies. They have arrived at a sound uniquely their own that engages listeners song after song. Their repertoire takes the audience through a full range of emotions, not the least of which is laughter. Karen’s warm, versatile vocals, with fiddle, are richly accompanied by Rick’s lush and generous fretted strings (guitar, banjo, tambura) for a perfect blend. This duo can single handedly bridge the generation gap with a range of subjects that anyone can relate to. Treat yourself (and someone else!) to a really special musical experience. Before teaming up, Karen was the lead singer of her Manhattan based band, the Balkanizers, performing at such New York venues as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, as well as such out of area venues as The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, Rick was playing the coffeehouse circuit from Boston to Boise, for college kids and cowboys respectively (and respectfully)......Clearly, they were a perfect match waiting to happen! They both moved to Woodstock, NY (Yes, The Woodstock!) where they eventually met through their mutual love of the visual arts. After showing each other (quite literally) their etchings, they discovered they could also make beautiful music together. They've been harmonizing ever since.
Whitman & Pantell
Whitman & Pantell are currently recording their next full length CD,  DREAMS OF SIMPLER DAYSfor release in 2019.
CHICKEN FAT PUDDING And Other Delights This album will keep you at the edge of your seat, and your heart on your sleeve. Laugh, cry, and gasp. Pray for the end of war, and celebrate its end 25 minutes later. Experience unrequited love and, and true love just minutes apart. Where else can you touch a range of subjects as diverse as the versatile uses of chicken fat, the fate of a high school queen the year after graduation, and the adventures of a frisbee with a mind of its own on the same listen? How about an environmental warning song followed by a drinking song? Take a timeless trip with this timely CD by Whitman & Pantell, their 2006 CD debut. Included in this 12 song CD are 10 original songs, and two traditional songs from Eastern Europe, on which Karen uses Balkan vocal techniques and Rick plays a rocking Bulgarian lute called a tambura in 7/16 time. Enjoy!
The THE BRONX SONG This new release (Dec. 2009) features an epic song about The Bronx which centers around a Fordham candy store, the well known Bronxites who passed through (well, maybe they did!), and the historical events that affected The Bronx over most of 20th century. The characters include The Bambino, The Baldies, Parkees, Coopniks, Dad, Hank Greenberg, and Houdini, doing what they do at the Paradise, the Concourse, Crotona Park, and Orchard Beach. The song brings to life the humorous and touching moments that make the Bronx the very special place that it was, is, and will always be. Also included in this 4 song EP/CD are a bluesy Bronx intro called At The Crossroads, The Frisbee Song, a fun song called We’re Gonna Pull The Plug Out Tonite, and an 8 page full color booklet with lyrics, old Bronx photographs, and prints by Karen & Rick.
WHAT THEY SAID.. "Mostly originals on debut from creative, often humorous, folk duo."  - Sing Out! "I've seen them perform live and just loved it ... I think you'll dig it, too." -Stuart Hall, WKZE 98.1 FM “They … sang a song they had written and it (Chicken Fat Pudding) was so wildly popular that we brought them on the air to share it with all you radio listeners out there..."  -Molly Mason, NPR’s Dancing on The Air  "This immensely talented duo...gave us an extremely entertaining set with an international flair...They kept the audience mesmerized for the duration of the performance." -Red Rogers, Hudson Valley Folk Guild "Whitman's voice has a pulse to it- The oncoming force of a wave - a pitch that carries and penetrates, yet retains a quality that's a pleasure to hear song after song...Pantell's guitar is its own force, his chorded backing resonant and lush." -Kitty Montgomery, Kingston Freeman "Karen Whitman & Rick Pantell combine fiddle, guitar, witty lyrics, and poignant ones too, and a wide array of musical sounds to come up with their trademark sound.  -Todd Mack, WKZE 98.1 FM "It's not only good music, it's intelligent music." - Peter Martin, Taconic Newspapers "Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your CD – Well done! Liked title song [Chicken Fat Pudding], Frisbee Song, High School Queen, [A] World Without [War]. You're both immensely talented!" -Tom Pacheco, Singer-Songwriter
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Yankee Doodle Dumb   "Our forefathers bravely won our independence in 1776......But what if We, the Citizens of today were taken to the task?!!" Modern life divides our attentions and loyalties between so many different and diverse demands that sometimes we do as many of them as possible at once to, well ...... save time! But what if The American Revolution had to be fought on top of all the other items on our Big To-Do lists? Sit back and enjoy as Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell explore the question with a mega-dose of fun, wit and wisdom. Watch the video
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